The Gordon tartan is synonymous with the Huntly and District Pipe Band.

This famous tartan was devised by Forsythes of Huntly. Forsythe had taken the standard army plaid and woven in a yellow stripe, which as he wrote to Lord Huntly, “he trusted would appear very lively”.

The current band has two uniforms; a number one ceremonial dress used for special occasions such as Armistice Parades and certain Highland games such as the Lonach in Strathdon that require ceremonial dress to be worn. The number one dress consists of a busby and white hackle, green doublet, with cross belt and belt, plaid, kilt and hair sporran. The hose are diced red and white with red flashes, cream spats and black brogues.

More commonly the band now wears its number two outfit. This consists of black glengarry and green hackle, green jacket and waistcoat, Gordon kilt, black leather sporran, cream hose, green flashes and ghillie brogues.

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